Building web applications with cutting-edge web technologies such as...

Ext JS for the front-end

We build our web front-ends with Ext JS, the market leader MVC web framework with awesome components.


Node.js for the back-end

Node.js is our favorite back-end framework that gives us maximal flexibility and lightning fast development process.


All tested thoroughly

Testing is very important for us so we use many different test frameworks such as Mocha, Selenium and rest-tool.

Our mission

The internet — just like technics — evolves extremely fast. If you want to follow the trends, you have to learn every day. And that's not easy. It's essential to love what you're doing. At Codinum, we do exactly that. Love being part of it, learning, coding, reading, sharing and prototyping.

We'd like to help you to build or rebuild your applications with the cutting-edge technology of Silicon Valley. From responsive web design to complex web applications.

Creating web apps

We create amazing web apps, like For such an application, we highly recommend you to choose Ext JS. Why? Check out our demo app.

Be responsive

If appearance is more in focus for your business, we can create flat and responsive web sites as well.

Less click, more scroll and one site built for any devices. Just like our web site.


What could we do for you? We would love to bring you the future of web apps today!

About us

"After the university, we started working at multinational companies. This had many advantages. We have learnt how to work in bigger international teams and saw the importance of development workflows, specification quality, proper design and code reviews, to name just a few. But something was missing. We wanted to be creative and do something new. So we started to act upon our dreams and founded Codinum. Our biggest aim is to amalgamate what multies and startups do best to make our clients satisfied."